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Organized in 1960 as the “Women’s Division”, membership was open only to wives of Winter Carnival Royalty and volunteers. Their purpose was mainly one of providing hospitality and a feminine touch to Carnival activities.


As the organization evolved, the Ambassadors of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival welcomed new members and organized a non-profit Board focused on building and strengthening the community surrounding the city of Saint Paul and the Saint Paul Winter Carnival.

Our membership and participation on the Board of Directors is open to the public.

Our Mission

Ambassador Activities

Annual Ambassador Scholarships

Annual Charitable Donations

Bi-Annual Ambassador Directory 

The Royal Ladies Wardrobe 

Ambassador Socials 

Candidate Dinner 

Crowns & Gowns Fashion Show 

Red vs. Blue Bartender Challenge

Annual Ambassador Meeting

Volunteering at Community and Carnival Events


Want to be a part of the fun?
Our membership is open to the public.

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